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Company profile

Xmpus Financial Services, LLP is set up by first generation entrepreneurs having total experience in finance industry of over 20 years. Having set up with an aim to channelize company resources in a profitable and efficient way and to help the management streamline operations with a view to improve financials.

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Trending @ XMPUS

  • Since inception on July 25, 2013, XMPUS is already providing rating advisory service to 25 corporates.

  • Achieved BBB+ rating for SPVs of a company rated BBB- in energy sector

  • Created structure to achieve BB band rating for a company in Sugar Industry as against outstanding rating of B-

  • Achieved an upgrade in the rating of a steel company which was stuck at BBB- for 4 years

  • Achieved BBB- rating for a greenfield nascent stage steel project

  • Helped a company (previously rated D) to achieve a rating of BB in education sector

  • Successfully managed to retain the rating amidst heavy pressure on the rating due to negative outlook on steel sector

  • Achieved BB band ratings for SPVs of a company rated D in real estate sector

  • XMPUS has covered industries such as – Power (both solar and wind), Sugar, Real Estate, Steel, Trading, Education and IT.

  • Already provided Rating Advisory Services to Companies in Mumbai, Indore, Nagpur and Jaipur

Our Offerings

Corporate Clients
Xmpus offers its services to various corporate in the area of Financial Advisory, Rating Advisory, Structured Finance, Fund raising & Project Finance. Currently, Xmpus is providing its bouquet of services to various corporates operating in Steel, Shipping, Shipbuilding and Real Estate sectors.
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Investment Bankers
Xmpus provides its services to various boutique investment bank as well as large financial institutions in the area of structuring of instruments and knowledge sharing.
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